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Ghana volunteer donates money for new orphanage roof

Becka and girls at orphanage

Projects Abroad - Ghana would like to say a massive thank you to Becka Jaroszevicz, who after volunteering on a Care & Community Project for three months in 2004 has been back to Ghana for six weeks this year to donate money she has raised since leaving Ghana. Becka donated money and materials to two orphanages, Osu Children's Home in Accra, where Becka worked as a volunteer and New Life International Orphanage in Cape Coast. At Osu Children's home money was spent on fixing the playground equipment where the children love to spend time with the volunteers. At New Life the money bought vital materials for the construction of a new roof for the main orphanage building.

Becka's first visit to Ghana had a profound impact on her, she told us:

Children at orphanage

"The children didn't realise how I needed them as much as they needed me, I miss them so much it hurts. They brought me so much joy. I just wish they knew how much I loved them and now miss them terribly. Priscilla asked me "Will you remember me?" they have no idea what an impact they had on me, to the point that I was considering adopting one child. They have so much potential which is wasted in the orphanage. If I had finished my degree, maybe I would have.

Going to Ghana was the experience of a lifetime, I learnt a lot about myself along the way, dealing with people I've never met and who are so different to myself, and trying to communicate with a language barrier, race issues and being independent for a long Roof at Newlife period. It has made me see life so differently, and how a country works that is so different from our own. I never compared it to England, because there was nothing to compare to!

Will I go back? Now if I could! I promised the children I would go back soon and the thought of seeing them again drives me forward. I would like to return in December and give them a Christmas that they would remember, but being a student funding a second trip will be difficult. I was worried if the children would forget me but they talked of past volunteers from 3 years before! I made my mark by painting a map of the world on the wall and marked 'Becky' across England.

In the future I want to do similar projects helping Work on roof at Newlife communities and children in other countries of need. Ghana is only the beginning!"


Becka travelled back to Ghana just over one year after she left and as she hoped, all the children remembered her. Seeing the money she raised put to good use and spending time with the children again made all her hard work worthwhile.

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