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Have results changed your plans?

You could do medicine in China

Not getting the grades you need for university can be extremely upsetting, especially when you thought you had your future career mapped out. But, things don't always go to plan and sometimes you are forced to take a different route and consider new options. Whatever the situation, you can always make the most of it - and as Greg Purssord found out, sometimes it can be for the better.

Greg was extremely disappointed last year after receiving his A level results to discover that he hadn't made the grades to get on his medical placement at university. Just half a point away from his acceptance offer, he was left uncertain about what the future held.

"Ever since I was little I knew I wanted to study medicine Or medicine in Bolivia and I was absolutely gutted when I found out I hadn't got in. After thinking long and hard about what I was going to do I realised I had to make the most of the situation and not let it get me down."

Unsure what to do Greg decided that he wasn't going to give up. Realising that this was the perfect opportunity to gain invaluable experience in his field of interest as well as an opportunity to do something different, Greg decided to re-sit his chemistry module and then take up a medical placement with Projects Abroad.

Being able to indulge in another culture was an added bonus. Not only did Greg find his time to be of great benefit to his future career, but he also states that he gained a lot from his placement in terms of personal Journalism in Mexico development.

"I wanted to go travelling but I also wanted to gain some experience in the medical profession, as that is what I am really keen to do in the future. When I heard that Projects Abroad did a medical placement I was delighted, it was exactly what I was looking for. Working in China was a fantastic experience and I really did get to learn an awful lot. It was a real eye opener to another cultures medical System. My time out there has fuelled my determination to pursue a career in Medicine."


Having been successful in his re-sit, Greg decided to reapply to study medicine at university. He shall soon Veterinary in Ghana find out whether he has been successful in his application - we all wish him the best of luck!

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