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Taricaya Research Centre September 2004

Mahogany seedlings

September has been a highly productive time at the Taricaya Research Centre. The Mahogany project is running very well. Over 75% of the seedlings germinated and after much digging in the hot sun we've successfully relocated over 5000 plants! In fact so many have germinated that as well as planting for our own mahogany nursery, we've also given lots to local people and organisations so they can see for themselves that there is potential in actively cultivating mahogany.

A male adult coati is the latest unusual addition to the Animal Release programme. He's unusual because he's lost his sight in captivity – and while such animals are usually aggressive at this age, he's extremely docile because of his disability.

Hard at work

He sadly will never go back to the wild but he'll have a good life at Taricaya. We're encouraging him to walk on a leash and become familiar with the area, and we're dosing him up with vitamin A to help his sight.

Finally, our Turtle pool for our first hatchlings is now ready, and our own small hydro-electric dam will soon be ready to provide us with electricity 24 hours a day!

To read the full report by Stuart Timson, click here.

Stuart Timson, Conservation Manager
Reserva Ecologica Taricaya

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