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Volunteers help build new accommodation for teachers in Tanzania

A house for the teachers being built in TanzaniaProjects Abroad volunteers and staff at the Maasai Community Village Project in Tanzania took up the challenge to help provide permanent housing for teachers at a local school in Esere Village. After overcoming many obstacles and a difficult construction process, they handed over the keys during a ceremony on September 29th 2016.

Esere Village is located in the heart of the beautiful Ngorongoro Conservation Area, a rural and remote region. The local school is the main source of education and support for the Maasai children who live in the area.

Providing good quality education for children between the ages of 5 and 13 is a priority in the area, but a recent decline in the number of teaching staff has become a problem in the community. The high turnover rate of qualified teachers puts pressure on the remaining staff and can have a severe impact on the education of the children in the community, says Glory Matoi, Country Director for Projects Abroad Tanzania. Accommodation built for the teachers in Esere, Tanzania"With Esere being almost two hours away from the nearest town, the young teachers aren't motivated to live in the community. The lack of modern facilities and living quarters were significant factors when deciding to leave."

"In order to meet the needs of the teachers in the area, the community joined together and asked Projects Abroad to help provide adequate accommodation. The hope is that by targeting the root issue and providing the teachers with modern living quarters, the school will be able to encourage the teachers to stay and hopefully attract new qualified ones."

Volunteer and local worker cutting wood in Esere, TanzaniaVolunteers and local staff directly supported the building effort, and volunteers from other projects in Tanzania, specifically Teaching, also contributed.

"We are so happy to have achieved our goal and it is an honor to provide our teachers – the educators who help shape the minds of our younger generation – with adequate housing that is equipped with every day, modern conveniences," says Matoi.

Projects Abroad volunteers and staff, as well as local workers, worked tirelessly to complete the house. Their contribution will continue to make a substantial and long-term impact on both the community and the education of the Maasai children. Projects Abroad hopes to develop the project further and continue supporting long-term quality education in the community.

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