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How to Volunteer Abroad on a Budget? 

Volunteering abroad on a budget with Projects Abroad.

Volunteering abroad is possible on any budget. We are always looking for ways to keep costs low and help our volunteers fund the experience of a lifetime. Here are a few tips to make your volunteering trip a reality:

Compare your options

You might already have a project or destination in mind. But if you are not quite sure of your choice then our Care Project in Nepal might be for you.

Look for sponsors

We know how tough it can be to raise money for a volunteering trip, so we’ve put together a comprehensive fundraising guide for you. Here you can get different ideas on how to raise money to pay for your trip. Get your friends, family, and everyone you meet and speak to involved with making a positive difference to a community in need!

Volunteering for a longer period

It’s always best to join a project for as long as you can. First off, you make a much more meaningful contribution to your project, as you build your skills and experience and build deeper relationships with the people and communities with which you work. In addition, the average cost of your trip will keep coming down. Costs such as flight tickets will be the same, whether you go for two weeks or twelve. There are also set costs for us to send each volunteer, but these are covered in the price for the first two weeks of any trip. From there the price per week is lower, and you get more mileage from your fees the longer you stay.

Spread your costs

You don’t have to pay the full fee for your project after you’ve submitted your application. You will just need to pay a deposit to confirm your application. The deposit goes toward the total cost of your program and is not an additional fee. The rest of the amount can be paid in parts up until three months before your departure.

Think about any extra expenses

As the majority of the costs are already covered in your project fee, you will only have to set aside a budget for your visa (if you require one for your chosen destination), your flight, and any additional activities during your free time, such as socializing with other volunteers, buying souvenirs, or going on an independent trip to explore the country you’re visiting. How much money you spend depends entirely on you, but you will need on average US$50 to US$300 per month.

Plan ahead and make it happen

Your dream volunteering trip is possible, especially if you’re committed and dedicated to making it reality. It is vital to have a plan. Even saving a small amount of money each month over a year can quickly add up. Set a goal amount and work towards that. Planning ahead also means you can research the best flight dates and prices, and book that cheap discount ticket when you see it.

We’re as excited about making your trip a reality as you are. If you’re thinking about volunteering, and just not sure if it’s possible, give us a call or send us an email. We’ll be happy to help you find the right project and advice on how to make it happen.

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