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Volunteer Advisors

Once you have been formally accepted, you will have access to a comprehensive source of information and support for your trip. You will receive an introduction from a Volunteer Advisor, who will be your primary point of contact with Projects Abroad until your departure.

You can organize a one-on-one meeting with a volunteer advisor

What are Volunteer Advisors?

These qualified and experienced Projects Abroad staff-members contact volunteers to discuss the details of their trip, answer any questions, and address any concerns. They are always available by Skype or email and you will be able to stay in touch with them before you leave and while you are away.

What do they do?

Volunteer Advisors are in charge of the following:

  • Gathering your resume and preferences for your project
  • Helping you with your personal MyProjectsAbroad page
  • Providing visa instructions and guidance
  • Sharing information about your host family and placement
  • Making sure that you are on track with everything regarding your trip
  • Answering any questions you have on what you should pack
  • Advising you on arrival procedures in destination

Your Volunteer Advisor is the best person to give you personalized advice and prepare you fully for the experience ahead. They can also provide you with useful tips on coping with culture shock and practical advice on how to get the most out of placements.

Where are they based?

All Volunteer Advisors for Hong Kong and Singapore volunteers are based in either South Africa or Mexico. Our Chinese Volunteer Advisor is based in Chengdu, China. South Africa, Mexico and China are three of our volunteer destinations, which fits our policy of hiring local employees.

Staff Profile Christina Blumer, Head of Volunteer Advisors
Christina Blumer
Head of Volunteer Advisors
“Your Volunteer Advisor will be your main point of contact from the moment you sign up until you depart for your trip but also thereafter. Your Volunteer Advisor will not only be able to answer any questions regarding your time abroad via email, phone, skype or other Social Media channels, but also give you useful tips and advice on how to best prepare yourself and how to get the most of your time abroad. It is important for your Volunteer Advisor to build up a trustful relationship, not only for the time before you go but also during and after.”

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