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Obtaining Credit for Volunteering or Interning Abroad

Volunteer on the Journalism project in Romania typing up a report to gain college credit

Many Projects Abroad volunteers and interns are university students and often are able to get credit for their time abroad on one of our international internships. Projects Abroad wholly supports this - we know the hard work our volunteers put in! Since Projects Abroad is not an academic institution we cannot award credit ourselves, but students can arrange with their university to get independent study or internship credit for our programs.

The first step is to check your university catalog for the requirements for independent study or internship credit. Next, make an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss your intent to do a project with Projects Abroad - many will already be familiar with us.

Here are things that will be helpful for your meeting with your advisor:

  • A print out of the description of the project you want to do from our website.
  • The approximate dates and length of time you want to go abroad.
  • A Projects Abroad brochure.
  • A print out of where our alumni have attended university, especially if yours is on the list.
  • A written proposal of how the project relates to your academic program, particularly if you intend to use you time for research for a dissertation or thesis.

Projects Abroad will do everything we can to help you get credit. We can sign forms, write letters verifying your participation in our projects, or talk to your school administrators ourselves. Please contact us if you have any questions about how Projects Abroad can help you get credit.

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