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Our Causes

In line with our commitment to having a positive impact on the world, Projects Abroad has initiated and supports the following causes:

Tore’s Foundation

Tore’s Foundation was founded in memory of Tore Eikeland, who was murdered in Utøya, Norway, in 2011 along with 68 others. Tore was a prominent social and political activist both in Norway and internationally. Projects Abroad founder, Peter Slowe, had the opportunity to meet with Tore several times and was taken with his outspokenness and passion for political freedom, human rights, and social justice.

The aim of Tore’s Foundation is to create democratically engaged communities - “Tore Communities” - comprised of questioning and demanding citizens. We hope that, through education, collaboration, and debate, we will create in these communities the democratic political environment that Tore envisaged, and that this will have long-term economic benefits as well.

Tore Eikeland

The Tore Community model focuses on alleviating poverty through a holistic approach to ensure that there is sustainable impact while focusing our resources in one community at a time. The Foundation’s international and local partnerships enable us to provide the training and resources needed to implement teaching methods that build confidence, encourage collaboration and create more engaged and sustainable communities.

Our first Tore Community was established in 2014 in Akokoa, Ghana, in collaboration with Projects Abroad. Our next Tore Communities will be established in South Africa and Myanmar.

Projects Abroad Foundation: Supporting your specific project

Projects Abroad Foundation

The Projects Abroad Foundation has selected a number of Projects Abroad projects for help over the next few years. If you want to donate to a particular project, you can donate the money to the Projects Abroad Foundation and earmark it for a specific charitable purpose. It will always reach your intended target!

Donate quickly and securely through www.justgiving.com/projectsabroadfoundation

(Note: Since it is a UK charity, donations made to the Projects Abroad Foundation are typically not tax deductible in the US or Canada.)

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