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Follow the Projects Abroad story on our new social media platforms


Follow all the work our volunteers are doing around the world on our new social media platforms. We as Projects Abroad Hong Kong now have active Facebook and Instagram accounts, which are tailored for traditional Chinese users (we have English content as well!).

Volunteers say no to plastic


Plastic remains one of the biggest forms of pollution around the world. Non-biodegradable plastic poses a major threat to the health of countless animals, plants, and ecosystems, on land and in our oceans. Over the summer, groups of volunteers have been doing great work to help reduce the effects of plastic on our planet's health.

2017 was no ordinary year – Global Impact Report


Our Global Impact Report for last year has been released. The collective work of 2017's volunteers saw some outstanding achievements with high impact around the world. By working together, we: - Rescued and released 89,000 turtles in Mexico and Peru; - Planted over 52,700 trees, including 38,000 mangroves; - Cleared 13.1 tons of waste worldwide; - Built 15 bathrooms, 16 classrooms, and 4 homes; - Taught more than 8,000 children and adults worldwide about best hygiene practices...

World Oceans Day Acknowledged


Last month, our conservation volunteers in Belize acknowledged World Oceans Day. They focused their attention on plastic pollution, and took part in beach clean-ups to help reduce the amount of waste in the waters around San Pedro. In just one day they collected more than 150lbs of trash...

Volunteers respond to cyclone destruction in Fiji


At the end of March, Cyclone Josie caused serious flooding and significant property damage in Fiji. Our volunteers and staff remained safe, and did their best to come to the aid of those affected. They held a drive to collect clothing, and donated toiletries, food, and stationery...

Projects Abroad presents at United Nations conference


Our staff delivered a presentation at a program hosted by the Sri Lanka United Nations Friendship Organization. We could share with an audience of many UN dignitaries the work our volunteers have been doing in Sri Lanka and around the world...

Standout summer projects for teen volunteers


There are many great volunteer projects for teenagers to take part in this summer. We've highlighted a few that we think will be a blast this year, with significant impact where it matters most...

Reunited with family after three-year search


Three years' investigation into a group of children found living in a garbage dump in Cambodia has finally seen them relocated with family members. Aziza's, one of our partner organizations in Cambodia, worked with local social workers to find the families of these children, who can now reintegrate into society in protected and healthy home environments.

Last-minute Chinese New Year Special sign-ups


There is still time to sign up for one of our Chinese New Year Specials. Travel to Nepal or Thailand for one week in February, and improve the lives of children at day care centres. Help with educational activities, games, arts & crafts, and more, and leave a lasting impact at the facilities where you work.

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